The mother of 4 and former business executive, Deb has been involved in the creative world for most of her life. It wasn’t until retirement that she discovered a strong desire to express herself on canvas.
Deb expanded her knowledge of the art world by participating in several art classes at Roane State Community college, where she learned finite techniques and skills to help develop her talent.
Following in the words of Havelock Ellis, “every artist writes his (her) own autobiography”, Deb places her love for feminine energy, spiritual influences and passion, into every single creation. Growing up as one of five sisters, she embraces the power of women and how their emotions can be expressed with color, light and movement. With the use of Heavy Body Acrylics and modeling paste, Deb is able to create bold texture for colorful expressions of the abstracts and elicits a strong sense of emotion and depth to her female studies and also her abstract works.
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